Enrolling at Green School New Zealand is a two-way selection process. We encourage you to read, watch, question, discuss and deeply consider whether joining our school is the right decision for your family. Our website is a rich repository of information that is at your fingertips.

This summary brings together just some of our beliefs, realities and wonderful opportunities. We hope this feels good for you and that you find your place with us in beautiful Aotearoa.

Green School might be a good fit for you if you…


🌱 Absolutely believe that education today must be relevant, real and combine proficiency-based learning (content/knowledge) with the mastery of skills and nurturing of values.

🌱 See the relevance in real-world learning.
🌱 Embrace supported risk taking!
🌱 Enjoy an interconnected school environment where different ages can connect and learn from each other.
🌱 Believe that standardised testing, a rigid curriculum, scores and grades are not the best approach to assessing or supporting the whole child.
🌱 Truly want to connect with nature and all that goes with it.
🌱 Value the diversity of our community as an opportunity to learn.
🌱 Recognise the importance of contributing to your community.
🌱 Know that challenges and difficulties are opportunities for growth.
🌱 Love that we learn about important and sometimes perceived controversial issues.
🌱 Prioritise wellbeing in our learners so they can thrive with purpose!
If you are comfortable with all this, you are likely to find Green School New Zealand a great fit. You’ll fall in love with our teachers, our community, our campus and New Zealand. You’ll embrace growth and will have an experience like no other!