Work on Green School New Zealand’s expansion project is under way.

Earthworks at Green School New Zealand (GSNZ) have been completed in preparation for the futuristic building, which will provide learning spaces, as well as additional toilet facilities for parents and guests, and a playing field.

Designed by Taranaki architects Boon, the main building has been nicknamed the “kina” and construction will start in June. The circular building maintains the unconventional curved lines of the existing “waka” classrooms and features a courtyard in the middle where trees will be planted.

“Physically, earthworks began in January 2021 and are largely completed,” GSNZ chief executive Chris Edwards said.

The work, which is expected to enable the roll to grow from 75 students to 250, is part of the school’s successful application to the Government’s shovel-ready projects scheme.

The “kina” would not just be for school students, Edwards said.

“The infrastructure that is planned for this building phase will help us continue to offer opportunities to those beyond our immediate community which we are very excited about.”