Let’s Climb Indoors

May 4, 2020

The Covid lockdown has encouraged some creative ways to recreate outdoor education and adventurous activities when you are stuck indoors.  Here is a great one for climbers or those interested in strength, balance and agility.

What’s the learning?

The challenge is to traverse the full circumference of the table.  Start on the top of the table, move underneath and finish back on top.  This requires problem solving, trial and error, stamina, persistence, some athleticism and a positive attitude. The skills involved in this task are transferable to bouldering and climbing, indoors and out.

What you need:

  • A solid table, a spotter, a mattress or pillows.

What to do:

  1. Clear the table
  2. Place mattress or pillows underneath and around for padding
  3. Ensure a spotter (another person) is on hand to support and encourage you
  4. Warm up with a few star jumps, press ups and stretches
  5. Lie on the top of the table. Traverse under the table and then back on top in a complete circle, without touching the ground below.
  6. Get on the table and try and try again… break from the task and return for another go.
  7. Once completed, perfect your movements and attempt to improve your time.
  8. Now encourage others to have a turn.


Many climbers train for hours and work a bouldering problem or crux of a climb for hours, days and even weeks before they work out a way to complete it.  There are multiple ways to complete a challenge and climbing is no different.  Methodical thinking and purposeful movements are required.