Children of the Earth

YEAR 1 – 6  /  5 – 10 YEARS

In the primary years, our school architecture inspires students to connect with the environment, chase adventure and pursue their passions. It’s time for fun, laughter, exploration and inquiry, while building relationships, expressing creativity and getting dirty!

Primary students will strive to master core competencies in maths and literacy in a highly supportive learning environment. Student-guided, hands-on projects promote entrepreneurial thinking, environmental education, practical skills and the arts, while fostering students to become effective collaborators and communicators, empowered decision makers and willing risk takers.


The intermediate programme gives students a choice, while maintaining a firm grounding in foundational subjects.

High School

Our high school programme emphasises empowering students to make their own choices in a mutually-respectful way with their teachers. We believe in honouring each student to be their best self.


While the Green School curriculum encompasses all the foundational subjects, our flagship programmes are prominent for students of all ages and year levels.