High School

YEAR 10 –13 

Our high school programme emphasises empowering students to make their own choices in a mutually-respectful way with their teachers. We believe in honouring each student to be their best self.

We aim to get students out into the world, to embrace their own personal learning journey and to see that learning can happen anywhere in the world, not just in a classroom. High school students demonstrate independence, emotional maturity, passion and creativity. Our programme supports them to become leaders within the school community. Graduates from our sister school in Bali are attending universities around the world, working in inspiring organisations and pursuing exciting goals, where they are not only achieving personal and academic success, but making a significant contribution as changemakers in action.

Green School Diploma

YEAR 11-13

People come to Green School looking for a child-centred, exam-free environment, where learners thrive with purpose, pursuing interests with a sense of passion, and helping make a sustainable future. Exam or external assessment-focused ‘programmes’ create much of the disengagement, frustration, stress, unhappiness and ‘failure’ we see in many schools. We choose differently.

Following Green School Bali, we are offering a High School Diploma using the US model. We will be accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and use the mastery transcript to build a portfolio of learning aligned to Green School NZ competencies. The transcript will be what learners share with universities or employers to showcase their competencies and learning. We join other leading schools like Think Global and Phillips Exeter in the US in pursuing this model of competency based learning. It aligns to our goal to Thrive with Purpose, and puts us on the cutting edge of student centred, mission driven learning.

Green School New Zealand is also accredited by NZQA to deliver a programme leading to New Zealand Certificate in Study and Employment Pathways (Level 3) and (Level 4). We are the first high school in New Zealand to offer this. Alongside our qualifications opportunities, we offer extensive advice and support for our diploma students so they can transition from Green School, to universities around the world. 

For more information and to view some frequently asked questions on our diploma programme, please click here.


In the primary years, our school architecture inspires students to connect with the environment, chase adventure and pursue their passions.

Junior High School

The Junior High programme gives students a choice, while maintaining a firm grounding in foundational subjects.


While the Green School curriculum encompasses all the foundational subjects, our flagship programmes are prominent for students of all ages and year levels.