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It’s our mission at Green School New Zealand to ensure everything we do has a positive impact on our local and global communities. As part of this, we would love to share some of the learning we do on campus, to ensure learners outside our immediate community are able to share in that knowledge and apply it to their own everyday living.

Each of the resources below are aligned with our three main learning categories, as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Feel free to tick each category of interest to explore the resources that align with your passions.

The Covid lockdown has encouraged some creative ways to recreate outdoor education and adventurous activities when you are stuck indoors.  Here is a great one for climbers or those interested in strength, balance and agility.

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Composting is a key part of gardening. Why? It cycles nutrients back into our soil to keep our soil healthy. Learn how to create your own compost with our on-site expert, Laine.

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If you’re keen to learn how to grow your own fresh food at home, start at the very beginning with us in this tutorial with educator, Franziska.

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