Learning Community

Green School New Zealand students will be immersed in a rich culture and community. We are connected respectfully to our local neighbourhood and iwi, and together, form a community committed to mutual respect, shared learning, friendship and service.

Learning Principles

Green School is committed to a natural, holistic, student-centred learning environment that empowers and inspires our students to be creative, innovative, changemakers. The learning at Green School focuses on the physical, emotional, intellectual and expressive development of each individual student.

Our curriculum is based on cross-disciplinary learning around themes, core subject classes and experiential learning focusing on enterprise, environmental studies, arts, health and well-being.

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Green School Skills

The following skills form the backbone of all that we teach. These skills refer directly to the Green School learning principles and are informed by out school’s vision to “Thrive with Purpose”.


As a school, we subscribe to a set of values – iRESPECT. At all times we teach and model these values and support our students in doing the same. We encourage all teachers to honour and recognise these values in our students through ongoing dialogue, discussions and reinforcement.


Being honest and ethical with thoughts and actions.


Being accountable for thoughts, actions and deeds.


Understanding and caring for the feelings of others.


Ensuring that your own body and surroundings are cared for so they are clean and healthy for as long as possible.


Contributing to a state of harmony.


Respecting everyone as an equal and as an individual.


Being part of a group seeking common goals and taking care of each other.


Building and maintaining strong relationships with each other, the school and the environment.


In the primary years, our school architecture inspires students to connect with the environment, chase adventure and pursue their passions.

Junior High School

Our Junior High programme gives students a choice, while maintaining a firm grounding in foundational subjects.

Senior High School

Our Senior High School programme emphasises empowering students to make their own choices in a mutually-respectful way with their teachers. We believe in honouring each student to be their best self.