The Green School Experience.

Join us on a journey of all things Green School. The Green School Experience is a platform where we hope to share stories about themes and people, both inside and outside the Green School community. People from a range of backgrounds who are mission-aligned, whether that be through a community-focused approach, sustainability-focused, entrepreneurial, economic, social – the aim of this podcast is to inform and inspire, while also giving you a taste of what Green School is about. We hope you enjoy it, and if you would like to see us talk about something in particular, please feel free to email hannah@favourthebrave.nz with your suggestion.  

Join our presenter and teacher, Mark Armstrong, for the launch of our podcast with school founders, Michael and Rachel Perrett. Gain an insight into who this pair is, where they have come from, and what led them to embark on this huge journey. 

Mark and Di were the first two teachers at Green School New Zealand. They led the Green School Discovery Group through a year of education before the school opened in order to help plan and establish what is now the Green School curriculum. These two amazing people have an amazing camaraderie that has been built on a Green School foundation and they are both incredibly passionate about the education journey they are on. 

Harvey is a community leader who has been following the Green School concept with interest since he was introduced to the Bali school through his daughter, Jane. With such a great knowledge of everything surrounding the Taranaki community, we talk to Harvey about his background and experience, the current times we are living in, and his thoughts on the impacts of Green School New Zealand.