The Green School Way

We educate for sustainability through community-integrated, entrepreneurial
learning, in a natural environment.

Our holistic, student-guided approach inspires and empowers our young people to be green leaders. The Green School way of learning allows young people to thrive by learning in a purposeful manner.

Learning how to be a changemaker and have a positive impact on the world ignites children’s passion to learn and turns learning from a chore, into a desire.

This is the Green School Way.

Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards


Chris Edwards was educated at Merchant Taylors’ School in Liverpool UK, before studying English Language and Literature at Oxford University in 1983 where he gained a First Class Degree.

Chris subsequently began a teaching career that in its first 10 years saw him in Australia, Southeast Asia, Brazil and the UK. In 1998 he was appointed Deputy and later Acting Head of Stowe School in the UK, and in 2004, Chris became head of 500-year-old Bromsgrove, one of the UK’s largest independent schools which, during his tenure, established a foundation, widened its access to young people from all social backgrounds and eventually comprised of a student body from 45 different nations.

After the happiest of decades in such a forward-looking environment, Chris left for Singapore in 2014 to become Head of College at the United World College of South East Asia, the largest international school in the world. He was also a member of the United World College International Board.

Chris enjoys music (playing and writing), reading, walking and following the misfortunes of Everton Football Club.

Chris is married to Rachel who is also a senior educator.

Michael & Rachel Perrett

Michael & Rachel Perrett


We have a deep calling to bring joy into schools. At Green School Bali, we watched our own children, and others, come alive with confidence, awareness, happiness and presence. This drove a deep desire within us to make the Green School experience available in our home country of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We live in a rapidly changing, increasingly connected world. A world of huge environmental threats and massive entrepreneurial opportunities. To survive and thrive in this new technological reality, our children – the leaders of the future – need to be adaptive, creative and resilient. They need to know themselves, connect with their passions, their community and their core purpose so they can engage with optimism, inventiveness and joy.

At Green School, we believe that three simple rules should underlie every decision in life: be local, let your environment be your guide, and envisage how your grandchildren will be affected by your actions.

Welcome to Green School New Zealand. Welcome to the Green School Way of learning.

Stuart MacAlpine

Stuart MacAlpine


Stuart is excited to be joining the Green School NZ community as Principal. He will be coming with his wife Francesca and their three children who are as excited as he is about thriving with purpose in such a wonderful community and setting.

Stuart is a lifelong enthusiast and advocate for child-focused educational approaches which support children to thrive with joy and purpose. Stuart worked at Sevenoaks School and Millfield School in the UK before moving to the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore, where he was the Director of Teaching and Learning. He is also Founding Director of Education and a member of the Leadership Team for Sky School, a blended high school for refugees which currently operates in six countries. He volunteers with working groups on education for the OECD Education 2030 project and for the UNDP Migrant Nations project.

Stuart’s focus at Green School will be on supporting the students, staff and community to thrive with joy and purpose in Green School New Zealand’s uniquely wonderful educational community.

Matua Mark & Whaea Di

Matua Mark & Whaea Di

Founding Teachers

Mark and Di have immersed themselves in the world of education for the past 20 years. After completing their qualifications in New Zealand and beginning their teaching careers, Mark and Di then ventured overseas to teach in Japan and Indonesia, respectively, before returning to Taranaki to work as resource teachers of learning and behaviour.

Both are passionate, facilitators of learning and strongly believe it is their task to enthuse, motivate and empower students in discovering and achieving their personal potential. Creating and developing positive relationships is at the forefront of their practice, as is providing an environment where students feel emotionally safe and positive.

Mark is a loving husband and father of three beautiful girls, an avid musician and songwriter for The Slacks and a keen sportsperson.

Di is mum to two young boys, Kupa and Kyan, and the proud wife of Phil. Nicknamed Whaea Dancing Di she sure knows how to get people in the zone. Look out for her dance moves in assembly!

Both are looking forward to supporting Green School students in gaining the skills they need to help them thrive in this ever-changing world.

“Green School holds onto and cherishes the best of traditional curriculum and methodology, but also acknowledges the siren call of the future and is responding with courage, imagination and innovation.”

Chris Edwards