Green School New Zealand is excited to be offering five full, three-year scholarships for local learners entering Year 11 in 2021. 

Four of these scholarships are being offered by the school itself as Green School Diploma Scholarships, while the remaining scholarship, called the Future Innovator Scholarship, is being supported by a local business.

All five scholarships will see the successful applicants be the first learners to experience Green School’s bespoke diploma, which has been tailored specifically to 21st Century, nature-based, entrepreneurial and competency-based learning. 

Green School New Zealand CEO, Chris Edwards, said the diploma programme is one that faces the world’s challenges head on. 

“The learning will come from authentic engagement with real-world problems that arise from the United Nations Sustainability Goals. 

“A huge part of the Diploma is also to provide an educational environment that inspires learners to find out about themselves, connect with their passions, their community and their core purpose so they can learn and engage with optimism, inventiveness, joy and confidence when they step out from their school surroundings.”

With Green School being a member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium, its diploma is set to achieve international accreditation. Graduates will leave with a digital transcript that showcases their achievements, and is favourably accepted by many universities around the world. 

Edwards said Green School will offer extensive advice and support for each and every learner so they can successfully transition from Green School, to schools and universities around the world. 

“If we look to our founding school in Bali, in 2019, they had 52 universities fly to Bali to court the 20 graduates looking to head on to tertiary education. Not one of those graduates missed out on their first choice of university, and that’s a credit to the type of learners that are coming out of Green School.”

Green School founder, Rachel Perrett, said although the scholarship programme had been somewhat delayed due to Covid-19, it was exciting to finally be able to put these scholarship opportunities out specifically for the local community.

“These scholarships are just the beginning of what we hope to offer as Green School grows and develops. It’s still early days for us, but our dream is that this way of learning will continue to gain momentum and eventually be woven into traditional curriculum. The more learners and families we can expose to this learning, the more chance we have of making that happen.”  

The scholarships are designed to support local learners, therefore, applicants and their guardians must also be living within 35km of the school campus.

Scholarship applications are due to close on Friday 20 November. For more information about the nature and criteria of the Green School Scholarship Programme, please click here.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please fill in this application form, as well as emailing the additional requested information to with the applicant’s name in the subject line. 

Applications for Green School’s Year 1-11 open scholarship have now closed. 

For more information on Green School, please visit the Green School New Zealand website.