Green School New Zealand takes the best from conventional education and pairs it with a 21st Century way of learning designed to prepare students to thrive in the fast-paced world we live in. The difference in its learning programme is not so much what is taught, but how it is taught.

The school’s pedagogical belief is that learning and growing happens best through real experiences. Students connect with subjects in a way that makes it relevant to them, their passions, and their future.

This approach forms the basis of Green School’s science and maths classes, which GSNZ secondary science and maths teacher, Michael Fenton, says offers wonderful opportunities for each individual learner.

“As teachers here, we get to focus on teaching and learning for the love of learning. We do benchmark our progress, but it is more about learners showing what they can do, and future goals that they have.”

He says there are currently three classes focused on the regional Science and Technology Fair, where the projects in action investigate how science can be used to benefit other people.

“We have a Mission to Mars project where applying maths and science knowledge includes coding, teamwork, systems thinking and planning for sustainability. It’s about understanding issues, and deciding where our knowledge can be used to make a positive difference.”

Year 3 and 4 teacher, Nick Rowe, says a great deal of class time is also spent out in the environment, where they can teach in a way that encourages learners to awaken their senses.

“In doing this they really see, feel, hear and taste the wonders of the outdoors. When the learners’ senses and eyes are opened, they want to know more and interact more. This encourages environmental stewardship in later years.”

At the root of the Green School programme is a mission to equip learners with the knowledge, values and skills that will empower them to make an impact in the world – not in the future, but right now.