At Green School, learners are tasked each year with developing a passion project that will have a positive environmental or social impact. One that also demonstrates the key skills and knowledge they’ve learnt throughout the year. 

GSNZ Head of School, Caroline Rennie, says these action-oriented projects are a great way for the students to relate to the real world and expand their learning, while keeping community wellbeing as a core focus.

“Our learners are connecting with and learning from local entrepreneurs, they’re identifying community needs and addressing them, applying what they learn in the classroom and gaining so much confidence and pride along the way through leading something that has a wider environmental or social benefit.” 

We feature two projects below from last year’s passion projects.


Rory Coomey – Year 6  

Rory made it his mission to collect plastic animal feed bags from around the community and fill them with organic compost to sell and raise money for charity. At the heart of Rory’s project was a desire to limit the amount of plastic going to landfill. He also wanted to make Return 2 Earth bio compost more accessible to the community, to help with their gardens at home. 

Through his efforts, Rory was able to raise a significant amount of money for his chosen charity, Parafed Taranaki, and stop a lot of plastic bags from heading to landfill!




Harris Krough – Year 11

Harris decided to build a community mountain bike track at school. He decided to do this based on his own passion for mountain biking and the interests of many of our younger learners and families. Over the course of the four weeks he designed the track, sourced materials and collaborated with members of the community. He organised a digger to come up on the track, as well as volunteer dig days and working bees. He met with landscapers and health and safety officers to formalise a safety plan, not only for the people using the track, but to minimise track erosion and environmental impact. This project was a huge success and we now have a fully functioning mountain bike track on our campus for our learners and community to enjoy. Harris is planning an official opening event in Term 4!

Harris’ action project was an example of our High School Capstone experiences at Green School NZ, where learners carry out an action project at the end of each semester, for the duration of four weeks. The Action Project gives learners the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of core skills and offers an extended period of focus on individual interests in an academic framework. It is designed and implemented entirely by the learner and is based on their passions and interests. A key aim of the action projects is planning, coordinating, collaborating and developing skills that will likely be required of them professionally in the future