Green School Scholarship Programme

At Green School New Zealand we have a desire to share our unique way of learning with as many students and families as possible.

We hope that many local young people who would not normally be able to access a Green School education might be supported through philanthropic giving, and we are excited to have recently launched our first scholarship opportunities for local learners.

Our first scholarship was open to any local learner between years 1-11, and will provide funding for three years at Green School New Zealand. These applications CLOSED on 6 November, 2020.

We do, however, still have five scholarships remaining for learners who will be entering Year 11, in February 2021. One of those scholarships, is called the Future Innovator Scholarship, while the remaining four are Green School Diploma Scholarships. All five will be three-year scholarships that will take students from Year 11-Year 13.

Scholarships are available to any New Zealand citizen who lives within 35 kilometres of Green School New Zealand, and adheres to the scholarship criteria. For more information on scholarship criteria, please click here.

If you would like to apply for our scholarship programme, please click the Apply Now button below to fill out the application form.

Donor Information

Green School New Zealand is deeply grateful for any amount that is donated to the GSNZ Scholarship Programme. If you would like to discuss how you might be able to contribute to the programme, please feel free to contact with the subject line Donor Information and our CEO, Chris Edwards, will be in contact with you.